Lucky Star / #MyFirstMoments

Lucky Star is an iconic South African canned fish brand that has been helping generations of South Africans put tasty and nutritious meals on the table and in the lunch box. While the brand’s iconic can and delicious recipes are deeply entrenched in South African’s lives, their presence on Social Media was not living up to the brand’s bold status or reflecting the fun, friendly and proudly South African personality of the Lucky Star brand. In an effort to improve brand awareness and shift their positioning online, we needed to maintain our sense of heritage, “Taste of Home” nostalgia and warmth, but future proof the brand by defining a tone that reflected the progressive and aspirational characteristics we shared with our consumers.

Consumers who loved the brand, had not had an opportunity to engage with the brand and build a relationship on Social Media. By defining our Social Media tone, personality and identifying moments of culturally relevant topics and occasions online, our Social Media Managers substantially increased reach, awareness, positive sentiment and conversation around the Lucky Star brand online. Our Community Management changed the brand’s associations from merely a staple pantry item that was low cost, yet delicious, to a brand that owned and featured in socio-economic online commentary. Lucky Star even became a favourite brand for our finance minister Mr Tito Mboweni to engage with. Our audience not only loved interacting and engaging with the brand in a light-hearted way, but also began creating their own memes with the can and inviting Lucky Star into online conversations where they looked forward to the brand’s take on topics and jokes. Not only breathing fresh life into Lucky Star’s social media presence, but embedding the brand into South African 21st century online culture.

  • Lucky Star Campaign Board