Makro / Makro Online - a B2B eCommerce story

Makro came to us with a clear challenge to improve the user experience of their website. In other words, increase their online revenue.

Challenge accepted! 

For these B2B customers, faster meant 3 things:

1. We included discounts and savings at every call to action to give comfort and rebuild trust. 2. We created a commercial list that gives all relevant pricing views with savings to make it lightning fast to scan the best deals of the day and make decisions. 3. We added a bulk shop toolbar on every list view to remove all friction in getting to checkout.

We added two other sweeteners that delighted all users:

1. Split delivery options meant that in one purchase you can have a fridge delivered to your office, stationery sent to a locker in another province and have groceries ready at an instore collection.

2. We made more for less promotions easier. These are value bundles that the customers were missing or struggling to find. We now detect if a customer has added 1 or more products from a bundle and suggests the other products to qualify for the better deal.

Users now spend less time on the site and yes this is good news because these users are buying both faster and more. Which brings us to our overall e-commerce story in numbers. One where the customers are getting a better experience and better deals and this is positively impacting Makro's bottom line.

  • Makro branded with visuals on an iMac, iPhone and iPad
  • Makro branded visual of the campaign results