Caring for peoples smiles goes way beyond their teeth

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Toothbrushes have been sold the same way for more than two centuries, but their use has evolved beyond oral care.

From hair care and styling, to sneakers and gaming, Colgate identified opportunities to extend our product range.

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As the brush experts, we created Colgate NuGen — new brushes for a new generation. A limited edition range designed to connect with Gen Z in Africa.

We custom designed each brush for its unique use and distributed them in biodegradable, recycled packaging.

We dropped NuGen to culture at the source: sending brushes to influencers and stores within each subculture.

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NuGen took Colgate beyond our existing retail environments and extended our brand footprint. For the first time, we were able to connect with youth culture and step into the South African hair, sneaker and gaming industries — segments worth $523M, $97M, and $3M respectively.

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