Standard Bank / #HeForShe

Awareness around Gender-based violence, specifically in South Africa, has been the loudest recently than it has ever been. But it’s no longer about holding government and big business accountable, it’s not about airing stats to the world, hoping to shock our country straight. It is about how we, ALL South Africans, interact with each other on a macro level. It’s about action. It’s not just about women’s rights, it’s a human rights issue.

Standard Bank is an advocate for gender equity in the workplace, and a champion for the UN’s HeForShe initiative. With our latest campaign, #RewriteTheRules, we posed the question, “Do the rules on how we treat each other feel wrong?” and encouraged everyone to question, understand, and debate our social norms. To shift perceptions into behavior change. To ask what is no longer acceptable and together, rewrite the rules we have given ourselves and be the change we are wanting to see.