Supersonic Fibre / Fibre Is Simple

Supersonic had a problem. They were coming into a fibre market that was already fully loaded with brands that spoke about speed and cost. It was a territory they couldn’t really be owned. What they could speak about was how easy it was for people to sign up, install and start to use their fibre product. So, they chose to keep it simple, showing South Africans a lighter side of the internet. Signing up is super simple, but dealing with some of the “first world” internet problems it creates, might not be so simple. A tongue-in-cheek (“cheeky” being the operative word) campaign that brought their offering to life using influencers, online films, tactical posts and other collateral. The campaign hit a chord with consumers, increasing leads tenfold, creating big engagement numbers and massive impressions. But, perhaps best of all, we got our client to number 1 ISP in South Africa, after just 7 months.

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