Ernesto Gutiérrez

Public Accountant, with experience in financial audit in Audit International Company (big four). I have worked in different local and regional roles acquiring knowledge from other operation across Latam offices, and the same time I developed the following skills: capacity of planning, strong business skills, eventual experience in leading companies in difficult economic environments with positive growth, experiential in managing tight budgets in spending, but also aimed at increasing sales, regional experience.

The main goal is to achieve the right balance between quarterly results and the constant search for new profitable opportunities that favor the big overview of organization and to understand and advocate for the right measure of care the big picture, for which it requires strong leadership to obtain the desired results, searching in the company to be the eyes of the market, responsible for the stability and financial planning, and contributing directly to the well being of all employees. Also I am in charge of building a bridge connecting the long - term vision of the company , based on my capabilities and fluctuations in the market.

  • Ernesto Gutiérrez