Nicolás Ortega

Nicolás started his career as an entrepeneur, creating his own digital consultant agency where he worked for several clients from the public and private sector and for advertising agencies, when these didn’t have strong digital departments. From entrepeneurship and agencies consultant, Nicolas jumped to the advertising world initially in Sancho BBDO and then went to McCann where he started as a digital strategy director and was promoted very quickly to become the general planning director of the company. Among his achievements are several effie awards including grand effie, a Bronze lion in Cannes and other advertising awards. 

In 2017 Nicolás started to work for VMLY&R building the innovation department of the agency and in a year and a half, he got new digital clients such as Banco Itaú or the high level startup PayU where he got to win an effie award for the outstanding results that he got in acquisition of new customers and raise of the revenue of their products based only on digital communication strategies. Nowadays he is working in integrate the ideation and trazability of the digital world in the processes of the agency, changing the advertising mindset into an agile mindset