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Cultural Strategist, Brand Advisor, NYU Professor

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Amber Chenevert

Amber Chenevert’s 18-year mix of academic and agency experience gives her a unique perspective on brand strategy that empowers clients to embrace fresh ways to engage consumers and champion industry inclusion. Her global CPG and health technology experience showed her that customer basic needs around the world are quite similar. While her culture acumen allows her to identify nuance that helps marketing message stick. Amber holds B.S. in marketing from Hampton University, and a M.A. in advertising from Syracuse University.  She earned her doctorate in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in consumer behavior and marketplace diversity. Amber has taught both undergraduate and graduate marketing and advertising courses at The University of Texas at Austin, St. John’s University and New York University.   
As a brand strategist and the Culture Studio lead at VMLY&R, her goal is to tell human centered stories based on atypical truths. She wants to give more people the opportunity to both tell and be at the center of those stories. A marketplace diversity perspective serves as a guiding light toward her goal. Marketplace diversity considers age, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability. It also considers the history, systems, and structures that gives insight into how today’s consumers navigate their access to products, services and assert their collective power. Using marketplace diversity as a base, Amber helps brands unearth their disconnect in culture and find their connection to new markets. Arts, Vienna, and advocates a planetary, more-than-human approach in all aspects of her work.

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