/Academic Background

Bachelor in Commerce and Management, Marketing, ENCG Settat

/Professional Experience

A creative director who developed a love for making things over more than ten years in advertising. Whether it is professionally on the web and classic media or as a passionate storyteller using self-taught video making skills and script writing, I love the creative process and enjoy leading creative teams to bring out their best through coaching, feedback and direction.

/Main references

Colgate, Cadum, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, ONCF, Knorr, OMO, Seat, Toyota, Afriquia, Tria, Radio 2M, Méditel, Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Wafasalaf, ONMT, Casa FM, Ford, RAM, Palmeraie Développement, Richbond, Espaces SAADA, Poste Maroc, DEKRA, Dalaâ, Margafrique, MFPO, Somafaco, Méditel, Maphar, Gynebio Pharma, Cooper Pharma, Al Madina, Gessimo, Paul, Exet,...

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Creative Director