5G and Internet of Things

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With transformative technology pushing toward a connected world dependent on network capacity, calls for reliable wireless services are growing. CES unveiled how carriers and mobile operators are answering with the ultra-fast, powerful 5G network built to improve efficiency and empower user experiences. On the phone side, OnePlus made a splash by teasing its OnePlus 10 Pro out of China. Samsung opted to front-run everyone by unveiling its Galaxy S21 Fan Edition on Monday night. 

Network security has become a topic of concern for all major players in the industry. Among the issues, IoT security has risen a key focus for many manufacturers, developers and suppliers to exhibit their forward-looking vision and research and development capabilities, as there are particular challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT) that differ from those of traditional network security. Throughout CES, posters and videos promoting network security solutions and security-related hardware products abound.

Additionally, the TCL 30 V 5G and TCL XE 5G made their debut at CES 2022, and will be out in February. HMD Global, the Finnish startup making Nokia-branded handsets, showed off five new phones hitting the US in the coming months. 

Implications: 5G is predominantly employed for consumer use cases at present, but that’s set to change over the next two years. This is because it strengthens key IoT operations like cameras and asset sensors, by making them more reliable. 

5G will be the biggest mobile update coming in the next few months—get ready for big changes to your wireless experience in 2022 and beyond.

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