Cannes Lions Jury Spotlight: Alexis Bronstorph

At Cannes Lions, the world’s premier festival recognizing creative excellence, thousands of entries pour in from countries worldwide. Behind the scenes, a carefully selected panel of judges reviews the work that will ultimately take home a coveted Cannes Lion.

Joining the ranks of the industry’s most recognized and respected creative professionals, Alexis Bronstorph, executive creative director, TAXI Canada,  is serving as a juror in the Branded Experience and Activation category this year.

Alexis is co-Executive Creative Director at TAXI Canada but started her career in advertising at 9 years old, when she did voiceover work for a radio commercial. She then took a brief hiatus to become an adult, and over the last 15 years, has been working as a creative director and copywriter across all disciplines, from broadcast to digital, to social, and experiential.

Alexis' work has won Cannes Lions, One Show pencils, ADC cubes, D&AD pencils, Clios, and has been featured on the cover of Archive magazine. Throughout her career, Alexis’ strategic and collaborative approach has helped build and grow brands from the small and local to the big and national. Some include United Way, Audi, Black Lives Matter, Heineken, H&R Block, Axe, Kraft Heinz, Tim Hortons, Netflix, Subway, WWF, and the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Last year, Alexis co-founded a line of Mother’s Day Cards called Fierce Mama, celebrating moms’ ambitions, success, and tenacity.  

Finish this sentence: Creativity is... 


How do you spot Cannes-winning work?

That feeling of “How did they do this??” or “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “Wow. They did that.”

What’s the best campaign you’ve seen this year?

The work this year is SO good and so inspiring. One of my favourite pieces this year was the “insta novels” for the New York Public Library. Brilliant use of Instagram as a medium and the design was absolutely stunning.

At the end of the festival, what do you want to have taken away from your experience?

Inspiration!! Creativity has no bounds, and I love seeing it at work.  

What do you think will be the big talking points at this year’s festival?

Big brands taking risks …  data data data … creativity for good.

Name three things in your Cannes survival kit.

Portable phone charger, a fan, sunscreen!

What excites you most about the past and present work in your category?

The work in Branded Entertainment truly makes it feel like anything is possible. I love how diverse the work is.


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