Connected and Complete

Connected and Complete: Modern Brand Planning

As the value of brand Apple approaches $250 billion — roughly the combined annual revenue of GM and Honda — few marketers question the importance of brand to a growing organization. The relationship between CX and brand may seem intuitive: "Customer experience will make or break the brand promise." But look beyond the inspirational quotes and you’ll most often discover that — in practice — brand and CX teams operate via separate strategic systems; divided by history, tradition and tools.
The time has come for an evolved process for brand strategy; one that considers brand as a joint venture between brand planning and experience strategy, representing the best of each discipline and united by a hybrid set of tools capable of spanning organizational silos.

As a starting point, we're sharing the Connected Brand House, a generalizable framework for brand and experience professionals to bridge historical divides and co-create brands that maximize business potential by making — and keeping better brand promises.

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