Connected Health and Wellness

CES health technology image.

“COVID has been a great experiment for several digital health innovations. No question about it. It has exposed for the first time many providers that have the ability to leverage virtual care… and to push the boundaries.”- Rene Quashie, VP of Policy and regulatory affairs, CTA.

Hydrow, widely considered the Peleton of rowing, made a splash at CES-with more than 3,000 live and on-demand workouts atop a machine that feels more lifelike than most other rowers on the market.

Smart Sanitation was a mainstay including UVCeed Smartphone UV Light Sanitizer, which you can attach to your phone. Just open its app, point your phone at a surface, press a button that appears in augmented reality on the app, and watch as it zaps nasties in real time.

Bob the Mini-Dishwasher is a Wi-Fi-connected, microwave-sized mini dishwasher that snuggles up next to your sink and can wash dinner dishes for a day or two worth of dishes using a one-gallon integrated water tank.

Implications: Connected health and wellness has taken over more and more floor space at CES. This year- which included the first-ever healthcare keynote, touched on several interesting trends, including wearables, remote patient monitoring, AI, and digital therapeutics. Many of the vendors are teasing out integrations with healthcare providers to bridge the gap between consumer-facing and clinical-friendly. 2022 will be a key year for technological advances for wearables as well as expanding telemedicine capabilities and services.

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