Connecting with AI, generative AI, and AR

Robot hand reaching out to touch human hand

The next wave of technological revolution is upon us with AI, generative AI, and AR at the forefront. With new developments and advancements emerging every day, leaders across the industry have been weighing in to analyze its effects.

AI-powered tools are helping users analyze vast amounts of consumer data and personalize their messaging, while generative AI is enabling the creation of new and innovative ads at scale. Meanwhile, AR is providing new ways for brands to engage with consumers and deliver immersive, interactive experiences.

Below you will read from VMLY&R experts as they explore the latest developments and innovations transforming the space and what they mean for marketers, brands, and consumers alike.

Recently named an industry leader in Generative AI by Business Insider, Brian Yamada, VMLY&R chief innovation officer, explores emerging tech at all angles to decode how they will transform the advertising industry. 

Additionally, Luke Hurd, VMLY&R director of augmented reality and experience design, shared a unique perspective in Ad Age about the trends of mass-audience AR and all things metaverse — including generative AI, development of AR experiences, startups/emerging technology, innovation ideation etc. 

Meanwhile, in WARC, Trevor Thomas, VP of strategy at VMLY&R, explored ChatGPT from the lens of a horror movie villain, and proposes a simple solution to defeat it.

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