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Written by Brian Yamada, chief innovation officer at VMLY&R and Ian Cahill, director, innovation and data at VMLY&R

From advanced camera technologies like volumetric capture and lidar to consumer-level motion capture devices, there is a clear move to allow users to take traditional content capture into the digital world and the metaverse. Visual and experiential content was on full display, with many spaces keen to show off alternative display use cases, whether glasses-free 3D viewing, wireless and transparent capable screens or livestreaming holograms.

The era of user-generated content is alive and well. CES brought more active use cases that put the content we consume in the hands of the consumer and, in many cases, control of the data they allow to be surfaced. 

  • Sony introduced Mocopi, a consumer-level motion capture tool consisting of six sensors attached to bands that you can place on your body and map movement in real time to an avatar in metaverse environments like VRChat. This device has implications in both metaverse animation as well as traditional filmmaking. At a low price point under $400, it will be interesting to see how this inspires the influencer community.
  • One somewhat prevalent yet overlooked tech on display at CES was glasses-free 3D monitors and TVs. Acer and Asus showed off laptops equipped with this auto-stereoscopic technology, and there were other screens from folks like Lotte and Dell. These screens make content far more accessible in public spaces.
  • Hologram tech was shown in various forms, from HYPERVSN to the Holo-Panorama X, the world’s first 360-degree panorama solution from Xorbis. This experiential display is expanding its capability into livestreaming and extended use through motion capture.

For marketers and brands, this means you (and the creators in your audiences) will have an increased variety of devices to capture content, especially in 3D — and new impactful means of distribution, so that 3D content can be experienced and expressed in its full form.

This article is part of a series that recaps CES 2023. To view other, please visit our CES 2023 Overview and Recap page.

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