Data, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Image showing computer screen with data on the screen.

Data, artificial intelligence and robotics have always been the focus at CES, but this year—with much of the world moving online—e-commerce, cloud computing, and enhanced cybersecurity measures were at the forefront of the conversation. Data analysis trends will never be stationary, as the amount of data available to businesses is constantly growing and changing. This makes finding the most effective data processing methods a constant challenge. With accessibility, democratization, and automation becoming key priorities, companies are on the cusp of making incredible strides towards more equitable data futures.

Implications: Research suggests that by 2025, companies that have adopted artificial intelligence and robotics will be ten times more efficient and have twice the market share of companies that have not. A few that will be showcased at CES this year include: Beyond Honeycomb’s AI integrated robot kitchen, Indy Autonomous Challenge which hosted a first-of-its-kind autonomous race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and Sierra Space’s space plane.


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