Employee Experience

Man wearing VR headset

Image: Adobe Stock

A great employee experience is crucial since it impacts an employee's desire to remain in an organization, as well as their productivity and engagement. Employees who are engaged are practically sure to earn twice as much revenue as those who are disengaged.

Employee engagement technology is already becoming the cornerstone of employee listening strategies, directly impacting the employee experience strategy. Gathering employee feedback and analyzing aggregated feedback patterns over time to assess the employee experience assists companies in determining what needs to be changed and how to improve it. This could include obtaining feedback on benefit alternatives, a recently established policy or program, the current application landscape, or IT ticket response times, to name a few examples.

As human collaboration undergoes enormous upheaval nowadays, startups like Agora, which exhibited at the 4YFN, highlighted how work is evolving and how the working day will evolve shortly - from the metaverse to IoT.

"The recent shift to hybrid work is only the beginning," said Tony Zhao, Agora's founder, and CEO. "We are bound to see profound changes in the ways we work, meet, and trade as firms and entrepreneurs innovate in this sector."

Agora's presentation also mentioned a few other firms, such as Wurkr, who develop virtual workspaces using a unique SaaS platform that helps companies cultivate corporate culture better and stimulate spontaneous cooperation and innovation in distant and distributed contexts.

Implications: As Anjush Wadhwa, Wurkr's Chief Revenue Officer, stated: "workplace is no longer defined by its physical or geographical boundaries but by what happens in it." People have opted for a hybrid workplace over a traditional one, and it is our responsibility to build innovative solutions that meet the needs of this future workforce to ensure we meet their employee experience expectations.

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