The future of mobility is here

Image of electric car at charging station.

CES 2022 has grown into a major platform for the auto industry. This year attracted more than 170 carmakers, suppliers and transport-related companies. BMW teased a color-changing car; John Deere unveiled a self-driving tractor; and companies committed to making electric vehicles more affordable.

In a demo of BMW’s electric iX concept car, BMW showed how an owner could switch the car's color from black to white in a matter of seconds through its innovative electronic panels. However, BMW has not announced any plans to bring this sort of technology to a production vehicle. Carmakers also launched several new electric vehicles with more competitive prices starting at $40,000k. Additionally, Sony announced plans for its own car brand, with more details to come. 

John Deere unveiled its first fully autonomous tractor at CES, which will give farmers the ability to plow their fields without having to be anywhere near the machine. The farm-equipment giant has retrofitted one of its most popular John Deere tractors, the 8R, with cameras and other self-driving smarts to let it navigate around a field without a driver in the seat. The user will be able to control and monitor the tractor through a smartphone app when the technology rolls out later this year.

Implications: 2022 will be a pivotal year for mobility with an electrified and innovative future. With features like adaptive cruise control, collision prevention and lane guidance, technology is paving the way to safer roads. The innovations behind concept cars, connected vehicles and autonomous mobility will continue to adapt.

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