The New Happiest Place on Earth

Imagine being in a place where everything is Instagrammable — where painful or time-wasting activities such as waiting in line are strangely pleasant. Well, that place was Expo 2020 Dubai.

An open sunlit space with streamers hanging from the ceiling.

Perhaps not every pavilion or experience will fit into the above description perfectly, but you’d have struggled to find someone not smiling at the Expo site in Dubai—regardless of age, ethnic or geographic origin, age, or prior expectations of the exhibition.

"Happiness for All" may not have been the theme of this global event, but the organizers worked tenaciously to incorporate that key feeling into every aspect of the experience for all visitors.

Expo exposed the world to the human desire to do good, make a difference, and have an impact—to have our presence and thoughts felt.

Implication: Smiles That Drive Conversion

From its conception, to the exhibition themes, to the life experiences available to visitors within its walls, Expo 2020 Dubai exemplified inspiring action through human-centered experiences.

This global event emphasized to brands and creatives the importance of reconnecting with humanity, as deploying empathy doesn’t automatically mean that commercial goals won’t be a focus or an achievement.

There’s a clear opportunity to shift from being consumer-centric to being human-centric, especially as marketeers have, ironically, ignored happiness, one of the most basic human needs.

Perhaps it’s time for brands to shift their creativity and commerce solutions focus to one main KPI: driving smiles. Do that, and conversion will follow.

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