Tech Turns to Reducing Waste

Computer screen that shows data about a farm field

Written by Brian Yamada, chief innovation officer at VMLY&R, and Ian Cahill, director, innovation and data at VMLY&R

Many brands, both large and small, put sustainability at the forefront. As society becomes more polarized, there is a growing desire to unite us all as earthlings, and with that comes the simple realization that we are using more than we are returning to the ground. To combat this trend, we saw some serious resource-saving measures, both tangible and through advanced monitoring and insight platforms to help drive change.

  • John Deere introduced a new sprayer built from the ground up that has advanced AI and cameras to help target crops and weeds in the field as a way to provide farmers with pesticide conservation and fuel/water reduction. Paired with an app that provides data on usage and crop levels, farmers can now make conscious choices on how to reduce chemical waste and mitigate the effects of rising fuel costs.
  • Kara Water is looking to solve the issue of clean water across the globe. It has created a filter that takes humidity from the air and captures drinkable alkaline water.  
  • Panasonic had a huge focus on green impact at their booth as well, leaning into reducing the global CO2 emissions by 1% overall through action, new energy-efficient smart products and education initiatives. 

Not only was sustainability driving new products and tools for consumers, but there were many new startups in the Eureka Park space that were working to innovate in waste correction, sustainable carbon, standards control, and IoT.

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