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Written by Dan Periera, executive director, commerce consumer experience at VMLY&R Commerce

CES 2023 showcased the continued evolution of AI, blockchain, sustainability and consumer connectivity. Walking the halls of CES focusing on the innovations’ impact on commerce solution, a handful of themes began to arise.

1. Retail Media Expansion to Upper-Funnel Activations

The big retail media platforms continue to expand into traditionally upper-funnel channels. Led by Amazon Advertising, Walmart Media Connect, Instacart, and Kroger, these platforms are integrating into smart home services, live events, CTV/OTT, and increased experiences on their platforms. Brands need to continue experimenting and look at retail media for full-funnel support.

2. Smart Home Opening Doors to Connect Commerce

Opportunity exists for brands to identify smart home and wearable partners to help consumers get beyond the data to solution recommendations. Many of the tools provided a deep sense of what is happening but lacked instruction on how to make adjustments.

3. AI/Machine Learning Applications Across Entire Consumer Journey

As in past years, digital health wearables had a significant presence, but one thing many lacked was helping consumers understand what data is captured and how to use it. Beyond digital health, AI/machine learning extended into sustainability, pet health, automotive and even analysis of consumer reviews.

4. New Commercial Touch Points Still Need Definition

The use of holograms was another area of interest led by HOLO Industrials, which has developed the ability for people to touch and manipulate experiences in midair. Similar experiences in Web3 and the metaverse enable people to engage with brands in new ways. As we think about content development in the future, we need to think beyond screens to how our content may be engaged with in the future.

Brands need to prepare to a future when commerce content consumption goes beyond the traditional touch points, looking for opportunities to revolutionize creative commerce experiences that drive seamless, connected experiences.

This article is part of a series that recaps CES 2023. To view other, please visit our CES 2023 Overview and Recap page.

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