Feed Your Sweet Tooth: Florencia Loda

A look into VMLY&R Argentina creative director, Florencia Loda's baking instagram

Florencia Loda

Looking to feed your sweet tooth? Look no further — Florencia Loda, creative director, VMLY&R Argentina, has got you covered. Her baking Instagram (@sweetgrammm) has over 100 recipes for you try, ranging from traditional Argentinian delights, such as pasta flora and alfajores, to world-renowned recipes such as cheesecakes and pies!

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Florencia started her baking journey last year during quarantine. She was always a fan of sweet food and admired her grandmother’s baking skills, but she was afraid of not being good at it. Nonetheless, she decided to dive in by buying recipe books and watching tutorials online. Now, she gets to combine her passions of photography, creative design and baking all into one.

While Florencia’s baked goods aren’t for sale, she so meticulously documents her process of baking on Instagram stories that anyone can follow along and re-create her recipes at home. On her page, you can see Florencia’s creativity shine through in every aspect of her baking. From the aesthetic photography, and the plating the decoration of her desserts, this page is her creative outlet outside of work and away from her computer.

Plus, her newfound knowledge of baking has even helped her connect with clients, such as Chocolinas, an Argentinian cookie brand!

You can follow @sweetgrammms on Instagram to learn more about Florencia’s baking journey. If you choose to test one of the recipes yourself, be sure to tag her in your creation on Instagram!

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