Kaitlyn Zeitler Is Creating “Many Lives” With All My Flowers


Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? How about upcycled and repurposed floral arrangements, fragrances, or candles? All My Flowers, owned and operated by Kaitlyn Zeitler, senior copywriter, VMLY&R Kansas City, is a small business that explores floral design, fragrance, and vintage finds with an emphasis on connection and curating “Many Lives” in her products.

What started off as a passion for creating floral arrangements and preservation turned into a quarantine hobby and the creation of an Instagram account (@allmyflwrs) to document the growth and progress of it all. From there, the business bloomed.

Kaitlyn’s love of flower preservation started four years ago when her mother underwent surgery after a long struggle with her health. They both returned home with a vase of English tea roses, which Kaitlyn couldn’t bear to throw away after they began to wilt. She learned how to dry them, and four years later, that first arrangement sits in a basket in Kaitlyn’s home, a reminder that she could create something to preserve such a meaningful sentiment for others, a belief that is at the core of All My Flowers.

To Kaitlyn, flowers are a symbol of joy, love, empathy, sorrow –– the entirety of the human experience. She enjoys connecting those experiences and telling stories through her art. “I’ve always been so fascinated with the ways we can connect through storytelling. But what I love about visual storytelling is that I can try to convey one thing, but it is interpreted as something different to every person who sees it –– but we can still all relate in how we’ve managed to feel and connect through something together,” Kaitlyn says.

Additionally, a huge part of what inspires Kaitlyn and All My Flowers is the idea of “Many Lives.” “Part of the wonder of vintage finds is knowing they’ve been loved before and they will be found and treasured somewhere new again.” Kaitlyn enjoys finding hidden gems and restoring them in way where they can live on again in other meaningful ways. She says, “What could start as a candle from All My Flowers could end up being your new favorite cocktail glass or where you keep your wedding ring when you need to take them off.”

All My Flowers is just getting started and has big plans for the new year. Kaitlyn is currently working with local vendors to develop partnerships to source vintage vessels and hopes that around this time next year, you’ll be able to spot All My Flowers products in stores around Kansas City. Additionally, Kaitlyn is booking her first wedding and event season. She is also available for dried floral art commissions and can curate custom candles for special occasions and events.

For now, you can shop the All My Flowers site and gift the new holiday scent, “Party in a Pear Tree,” to a loved one this year. It comes in a beautiful vintage vessel that can be used for years to come.

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