Pinata Colada: Ana Magalhães

By Aspasia Tsampas, DE&I/Communications Intern

Ana Magalhaes

Piñata Colada is an independently owned custom piñata studio run by Ana Magalhães, Creative Director at VMLY&R New York.  Co-founded with former roommate and graphic designer Helena Carvalho, who is based in Lisbon where Piñata Colada started.  

Together, the artistic duo decided to combine their design background, as well as their love of crafts and making things about five years ago around Ana’s birthday. She and Helena decided to build their own piñata. At Ana’s birthday party, it was a huge success with many of their friends requesting their own.  That’s when Piñata Colada came into existence and since then they have fulfilled more than 150 piñata orders, all custom-made and unique.  

After getting orders from friends and through word-of-mouth, Ana and Helena knew they had something special on their hands when they got a call from Italy. Sisley, the beauty and cosmetic brand, wanted their piñatas to decorate their store during Milan Fashion Week. Since then, Piñata Colada has collaborated with other brands, musicians, art festivals, and more.  

If you want a customizable piñata for your next event, you know who to call! You can support Ana and Piñata Colada by checking out their Instagram and Facebook page below.

Instagram: @pinhatacolada


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