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The Drum World Creative Rankings

The Drum, in partnership with Twitch, released its 2022 World Creative Rankings — an original, industry-spanning effort that charts creative performance across the advertising world by tracking how many awards a campaign picks up for its client, agency and creative team. Congratulations to those included from VMLY&R companies:

Most-awarded Advertising Chief Creative Officer 2021: Debbi Vandeven, VMLY&R KC; John Godsey, VMLY&R; Fred Saldanha, VMLY&R; Paul Nagy, VMLY&R Australia and New Zealand; Rafael Pitanguy, VMLY&R São Paulo; Jason Xenopoulos, WPP on Ford/VMLY&R New York; Dimitri Guerassimov, VMLY&R Paris; Matthias Spaetgens, Scholz & Friends; Kelsey Horne, TAXI; Alexis Bronstorph, TAXI.

Most-awarded Advertising Executive Creative Directors in 2021: Jake Barrow VMLY&R Australia; Fred Saldanha, VMLY&R New York; Manuel Borde, VMLY&R Commerce; Oliver Handlos, Scholz & Friends; Robert Krause, Scholz & Friends; Kelsey Horne, TAXI; Alexis Bronstorph, TAXI.

Most-awarded Advertising Creative Directors of 2021: Matt Keck, VMLY&R KC; McKay Hathaway, VMLY&R KC; Eamon Conway, VMLY&R KC; Max Marohn, Scholz & Friends; Sebastian Stelzer, Scholz & Friends

Most-awarded Advertising Copywriters of 2021: Andrew Bohren, VMLY&R KC; Brian Bockelman, VMLY&R KC; Emily Friedman, VMLY&R New York; Blair Panozza, VMLY&R Sydney; Breno Oliveira, VMLY&R São Paulo; Jack Harrison, VMLY&R Melbourne; David Dominguez, VMLY&R Paris; Rafael Bornacina, VMLY&R São Paulo; Fernando Miranda, VMLY&R Dubai; Sebastian Stelzer, Scholz & Friends

Most Awarded Advertising Art Directors of 2021: Ben Grace, VMLY&R KC; Ryan Woods, VMLY&R KC; Conor Clarke, VMLY&R KC; Ben Conaghan, VMLY&R KC; Pedro Assis, VMLY&R Brasil; Max Marohn, Scholz & Friends.

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