Defence and VMLY&R – WPP’s Brand and Customer Experience Agency – have launched ‘Live a Story Worth Telling,’ a campaign which brings to life the diverse and extraordinary lives of Royal Australian Navy personnel.

Providing insight into the variety of meaningful, purpose-driven careers on offer in the Navy, ‘Live a Story Worth Telling’ portrays the real-world impact that can be made from a life in the Navy.

Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, Chief of Navy said, “The Navy makes a critical contribution in protecting the nation’s maritime security and economic wellbeing which underpin the Australian way of life.

Being part of your Navy provides the opportunity to contribute to something very meaningful, as diplomats and defenders of our maritime interests and Australia’s way of life”.

The campaign features over 80 pieces of content across national TV and cinema, OOH, radio, digital and social media. The stories shown portray a broad picture of life in the Navy, as well as addressing specific questions potential recruits have asked, like “Is there time for a social life?” and “What’s life like on a submarine?”.

The executions depict epic moments – both big and small – while featuring more than the ships, submarines, and helicopters of the Navy. This unique perspective of the campaign captures Navy sailors’ real-life moments of human connection and chronicles their experiences as they live their day-to-day lives on the vessels.

Kieran Moroney, VMLY&R Creative Director added: “When set the task of recruiting the next generation of Navy sailors from an everdemanding talent pool, we needed to show just how fulfilling life at sea can be. And so Live a Story Worth Telling was born. An epic, cinematic tale of purpose and contribution starring real Navy personnel who truly live their story every day.”

Big Sync Music’s Head of Partnerships, Georgia Roberts said “From the moment we set eyes on the treatment, we knew this was going to be an incredible film, and that the score would play a key role in telling the story. There’s no doubt the film is epic and full of adventure, but there’s also real beauty and vulnerability to it; in the vastness of the ocean and the bringing together of communities through challenges. We think the music does a great job of conveying the emotion and complementing the visuals whilst being the centre point that brings all the stories together. Stunning film – Bravo VMLY&R and Navy”.

Sarah Bailey, Managing Director VMLY&R Melbourne & Sydney added “From the outset this campaign was epic in ambition and scope and we’re extremely proud of the final product. It required true partnership at every stage and we are excited to see it connect with Australians looking for a unique and fulfilling career in what is an increasingly critical industry for our country.”

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