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Passionately inventive and relentlessly curious, we strive to uncover the connection in all we do. From finding the relevance and authenticity true to a brand and its consumers, to connecting to them whenever and wherever they are. Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms, experiences and culture.

Our Work Masonry
  • An issue that challenges sexism and misogyny.

    The Last Issue

    VMLY&R Poland took International Women’s Day a step further with a huge power move.
  • Miss America billboard

    Miss America Organization: Miss America 2.0

    If the swimsuit symbolized everything that Miss America had become in the public consciousness, getting rid of it symbolized everything that Miss America wanted to be.
  • A colorblind man has an emotional reaction after looking through a Colorblind Viewer to see Tennessee’s foliage

    Colorblind Viewer

    We made it possible for colorblind people to experience fall for the first time.
  • Collage of the improved user experience for Sprint’s mobile-first website.


    Development and launch of a rebranded digital experience across all of Sprint's owned platforms.
  • Iftar of Lights

    Iftar of Lights

    Betty Crocker wanted to make sure that families can share their Ramadan experience together.
  • Runaway Pub

    The Runaway Pub

    This is everybody's race.
  • 1319 Years without Tsunamis: In Syria the worst natural disaster is mankind

    Amnesty International: Natural Disasters

    Since 2011, Syria has been in a civil war, a war that has taken it to ruin and their population to misery.
  • Almost One Victim Every Minute.

    Ministério Público Federal: Next Minute Law

    The Next Minute law ensures free, immediate assistance to rape victims at public hospitals.
  • Tooth Fairy's Address

    Tooth Fairy’s Address

    For the first time, the Tooth Fairy told everyone a well-kept secret: her address.
  • vivo0.jpg screen grab

    Vivo Telefonica Brasil: E-Quality

    How do you show what the pay gap really means?
  • ripio-screengrab0

    RIPIO - Dollar Agony

    In 2018, Argentina was affected by a historic devaluation of the peso, causing the U.S. dollar to fluctuate.
  • Heinz Real Mayonnaise bottle and Heinz Tomato Ketchup Bottle are shown with an addition sign between then, and the equation is shown to equal Heinz MayoChup Mayonnaise.


    How one Tweet launched a new product for Kraft Heinz.
  • Ocean scene featuring Navy aircraft carriers, submarines, and aircraft

    Sea to Stars

    Telling the Navy story, from the sea floor to outer space.
  • National Roast Day

    Wendy’s: #NationalRoastDay

    When Americans want to show love and appreciation, we create holidays
  • csl-00

    Ministerio de Salud Chile: The Commercial That Saves Lives

    Young people love fame and recognition, so in order to reach them we call them to an audition
  • RIP Simon billboard

    Life Direct: RIP Simon

    For almost ten years, the face of the brand has been their obscure mascot ‘Simon the Sloth’
  • Different African styled designs in a grid format

    Edgars / Don't tell me what to do

    A 90-year old department store brand struggling for relevance is transformed into a cultural catalyst for self-expression.
  • BIC on a map

    BIC: Maps

    Did you know that a BIC ballpoint pen writes up to 2.5 km?
  • Soundproof Posters

    Soundproof Posters

    Rolling Stones brings rock 'n' roll to your room.
  • Amblyopia cards used for checking children.

    i Rescue

    Turning print media into a charming mask for Amblyopia screening and treatment.
  • Red Bull 4925 Hours of Playing Time

    Give Life to the Night

    Don't hold back the dreamers.
  • Young Latina girl wearing a pink dress stares into a mirror while applying lipstick

    Love Story

    Movistar tells the story of young love with a dark twist.
  • On a bright yellow background a graphic image of an ambulance shown communicating with a graphic representation of a digital billboard

    Emergency Route

    Turning digital billboards into early warning systems to help ambulances avoid traffic.