Jeremy Cline

Jeremy Cline is a Manager in Data & Innovation and has been working on Wendy’s at VMLY&R since 2017. Jeremy is extremely online and is interested in digital culture, technology, the philosophy of memes and everything in between. A touring musician by trade, and brand strategy by profession, he has led the Wendy’s team into Fortnite, a hip-hop mixtape, a Wendy’s Table-top role playing game, Wendy’s organic social, and most recently the evolution of Wendy’s from Twitch streamer to Twitch Partner.

A graduate of the Effie Effectiveness Bootcamp, winner of the Effie Bootcamp pitch contest, a judge for the Effie Collegiate Competition and multiple Effie Award wins for Wendy's, Jeremy is an advocate for ideas that work.

When not exploring internet rabbit holes, Jeremy is working in the local music scene, brewing coffee, or running.

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  • Jeremy Cline
Manager, Strategy & Insights (Wendy's)