Roy Armale

With an academic background in economics, Roy serves as the agency’s first Global Chief Innovation Officer, keeping VMLY&R Commerce on the cutting edge of tech transformation.

Following his early career at Unilever and Johnson & Johnson, he studied for a master's in behavioral psychology upon noting that understanding how consumers interact with brands was merely an antecedent to what would have the highest impact: changing buying behavior.

This educational background has served to accelerate the delivery of a future-forward engine that enables a more collaborative and agile way of working at VMLY&R Commerce through data and technology. With this, Roy has led and managed the global launch and delivery of Living CommerceTM, our proprietary platform and approach that understands how, when and why people buy to deliver channel-agnostic creative commerce solutions that drive commercial impact. With a distinct approach to understanding people, and the new behaviors that drive engagement and ultimately purchase, he is ensuring the company’s highly skilled talent can operate more efficiently and effectively, especially in a remote working environment.

Roy subscribes to a proposition that those who can do must teach. His understanding of creating experiences that drive behavior change has seen him co-author “The Coca-Cola Way of Shopper Marketing” in addition to being published in periodicals like Admap. He finds as much fulfillment in building transformative processes and internal initiatives as he does speaking at public events and conducting corporate workshops, mostly on innovation, that empower people to deliver a better brand experience.

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  • Roy Armale
Global Chief Innovation Officer, VMLY&R Commerce