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  • Doron Faktor

Doron Faktor has been on Facebook since it was Myspace. Twitter since it was mIRC, and both since they were 140-character text messages. Currently, he is a key leader for social and social strategy on all health, commerce, and non-health clients. Doron’s work has been recognized and awarded internationally, including Cannes Lions, and Drum’s “Best Use of an Ad on TikTok” in 2020.

He has been heavily involved in all things digital & social media; building a phenomenal career across all regions of the globe. He obsesses over innovation, technology, audience, culture, creativity, and the intersection between them all to build brands and communication.

Doron has brought these passions to the marketing, analytics, data strategy, strategy, sales, and media departments throughout his career. His focus extends beyond traditional marketing (retail and sales), to the intricate, in-depth insight into the world of digital marketing (cyber marketing - WEB/Mobile & internet) and most recently NFT’s, the metaverse, and WEB 3.0. His clients have provided him with a wealth of knowledge and extensive research into brand building, specializing in both healthcare and Non-healthcare both in FMCG & Non-FMCG verticals. 

Doron is also a regular contributor and featured in many industry publications. His current and past clients include BOSE, American Eagle, Eli Lilly, Colgate,, P&G, Volvo, Ford Coca Cola, Amazon, Google, Cognizant, Altice, New Balance, Absolut, Malibu, BAT, Walgreens, Dell, Lavazza, Office Depot, Pfizer, 20th Century Fox, GSK.

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Group Director, Connections & Social, VMLY&R