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A connected brand is one that lives in people’s lives by engaging with them on an emotional level - whenever and wherever they are - and inspiring them to connect with others.

By finding the intersection between what is important to consumers and what is true to brands, we create work that gets people talking. Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms and across cultures.

Our Work Masonry
  • Fortnite_Wendys1

    Keeping Fortnite Fresh

    Saving Fortnite From Frozen Beef
  • An issue that challenges sexism and misogyny.

    The Last Issue

    Taking International Women's Day one step further.
  • Runaway Pub

    The Runaway Pub

    This is everybody's race.
  • Soundproof Posters

    Soundproof Posters

    Rolling Stones brings rock 'n' roll to your room.
  • LifeDirect

    RIP Simon

    As a demonstration of the unpredictability of life, we killed our longstanding mascot, Simon.
  • Iftar of Lights

    Iftar of Lights

    Betty Crocker wanted to make sure that families can share their Ramadan experience together.
  • Red Bull 4925 Hours of Playing Time

    Give Life to the Night

    Don't hold back the dreamers.
  • US Navy ships in the ocean.

    Sea to Stars

    Telling the US Navy story, from the sea floor to the limits of space.
  • Graphic of One Source Khuli Chana album cover.

    Africa is Absolut

    The documentary series that showcased Africa's creative revolution and helped to make Absolut the biggest selling premium vodka in South Africa.
  • Geoff and a can of beans.

    Geoff the Film

    Meet Geoff, head of innovation at Heinz Beanz.
  • Signage in front of Dubai skyline with the hashtag #ExpressYou.

    Dubai Font

    Creating a font and brand for the city of Dubai.
  • Girl wearing a New Balance shirt. 1906.

    Fearlessly Independent Since 1906

    Creating and launching a global brand platform for New Balance.
  • sprint logo


    Development and launch of a rebranded digital experience across all of Sprint's owned platforms.
  • Heinz mayonnaise plus Heinz ketchup equals Heins Maychup.


    The one Tweet product launch for Kraft Heinz.
  • Graphic of ambulance communicating to billboard through an app.

    Emergency Route

    An app by JCDecaux that connects the GPS of ambulances to digital billboards, helping rescue teams avoid traffic.
  • Girl putting on makeup in the mirror.

    Love Story

    Movistar tells the story of young love with a dark twist.
  • Amblyopia cards used for checking children.

    i Rescue

    Turning print media into Amblyopia screening and treatment.
  • 100-lb coupon left in a creek to be found.

    100-lb. Coupon

    Making athletes sweat for their DICK'S Sporting Goods discounts.
  • Magic cow


    Dell uncovers the real magic behind technology.
  • Poster of a Legopress pirate. Assemble your engines at The Great LEGO Race. Legoland, Florida Resort.


    The only park built with LEGO bricks, now has a campaign printed with them.
  • Man crying after seeing fall colors in Tennessee for the first time.

    Colorblind Viewer

    The scenic viewer for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development that made it possible for colorblind people to experience fall for the first time.
  • A boy looking into the camera.


    A portrait of Mexico’s children in need.
  • A boy kissing a woman on the cheek.


    From ruins to a self-sufficient and inclusive village for all.
  • Oreo music box

    Play with Oreo

    Every bite of Oreo plays a different song.
  • How to Stop a Mate Drink Driving

    How To Stop A Mate Drink Driving

    A new campaign with UK Department of Transport’s Think! to change attitudes.
  • Suavitel Love Tag

    Suavitel Love Tag

    A clothing tag that became a product sample.