100-lb. Coupon

  • Athlete holding the 100LB weight he found.
  • 100LB Coupon leaned against a rock in a creek.
The idea

Endurance athletes live for an extreme challenge. Second Skin, the newest maker of athletic wear, needed to get these athletes' attention. So we went to the extreme and made...a coupon. Forged from steel and weighing 100 pounds (45 kilograms), each coupon was redeemable in-store only. We hid them at athletic competitions and had key social influencers share the GPS coordinates. But the hardest part wasn't finding them – it was redeeming them. Because winners had to carry their 100-lb. coupon to a DICK's Sporting Goods to cash it in.

How it worked
  1. GPS coordinates posted to Instagram Stories
  2. Athletes followed the Stories to find it
  3. Athletes struggled to redeem it in-store
  • Only $26K media spend
  • 4.5M+ impressions
  • 100% redemption