Africa is Absolut

  • The documentary series that showcased africa's creative revolution and helped to make Absolut the biggest selling premium vodka in South Africa.

Absolut Vodka is an iconic brand that has been instrumental in creating groundbreaking marketing communications for decades. We were responsible for re-igniting the brand within the hearts and minds of South Africans who require locally relevant contextual communications. The massive success of our pan-African campaign, Africa is Absolut, not only created huge brand advocacy but drove sales to unprecedented levels.

  • Africa. Birthplace of humanity. The source of all creation. This is where the story started. We were all created here. And here, we are all creators. Together. Born from One Source. Abosolute. Be Absolute.
  • South African in native dress
  • Bottle of Khuli Chana signature edition. Absolute. Enjoy responsibly. Not for sale for persons under the age of 18.
  • Man standing and surveying South African scenery.
  • An advertisement for Khuli Chana signature edition. Now Available. Absolute.
  • A group watching a man do a back handspring on a South African beach.