The faces on a country’s currency are a tangible reflection of its identity, yet in Canada, despite printing money for over 150 years, an Indigenous woman has never been featured. This absence is especially striking given the many accomplished Indigenous women who have lived on this land. It symbolizes the abuse and marginalization that Indigenous women have faced for far too long. The Native Women’s Association of Canada was determined to change the narrative.

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To challenge the absence of Indigenous women on Canada’s currency, we launched Change The Bill. We invited underrepresented female Indigenous artists to reimagine the $20 bill with their Indigenous heroes. This was the first time in our history that we encouraged Indigenous involvement in one of the most crucial aspects of our national identity.

To further empower this historic initiative, we extended an invitation to the Canadian public to participate in this transformative project. By viewing the artwork in our virtual gallery or in person and purchasing a print, anyone could not only support the artists but also learn about these remarkable Indigenous women, taking a significant step towards reconciliation.

The collection gained national attention, and the bills became a symbol of the need for representation for Indigenous women and a rallying cry for reconciliation for millions of Canadians.

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  • +35,500 Petition Signatures
  • +550 Prints Sold
  • $12,000 Raised for the artists
  • 780M Total Reach
  • +500 Unique pieces of coverage
  • Significant meetings with the Royal Canadian Mint and the Bank of Canada
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