Dogs Without Borders


For many women in remote areas, mammograms are a distant reality. Access to medical care is limited and these women must travel long distances to visit medical facilities. Doctors and diagnostics cannot get to them, so we needed to find a solution that could.

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Studies reveal that dogs can detect cancer and many other diseases with nearly 100% accuracy. We decided to rescue abandoned dogs and train them to diagnose and save people in remote areas. We partnered with KDog, part of the Curie Institute, to create an entirely new health system called Dogs Without Borders. We start by collecting odor samples with a kit designed to preserve the specimens even in the harshest of environments. The kit comes with visual instructions so locals can collect samples themselves. Then, our medical dogs sniff out the samples, and patients are sent to undergo further analysis and treatment.

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  • 1000+ individuals diagnosed so far
  • The program has launched in three continents
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