Dubai Font

How do you embed the story of a city in over 100 million devices, reaching 180 countries around the world? By creating a font that represents a city. Presenting Dubai Font.

  • Panorama of Dubai city and water front, foggy

Dubai Font is more than just a font. It is a brand for the city, representing its people and carrying its values. Simply known as Dubai, it was created to promote literacy and freedom of expression for all.

The project was commissioned by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan and launched by the Executive Council of Dubai in partnership with Microsoft. Dubai is the first city in the world to have its own Microsoft Font. By officially launching the font on Microsoft Office 365, brand Dubai was embedded in 100 million+ devices globally and would be seen in millions of laptops, computers and mobile phones around the world. We turned the drop-down menu of font libraries into a medium to spread brand Dubai globally.

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Dubai Font was designed by Dr. Nadine Chahine of Monotype. Drawing inspiration from traditional Arabic text and Dubai’s futuristic visage, she crafted a typeface that embodies the old and new, local and global.

The font design creates a harmony between Latin and Arabic scripts – resulting in a new harmony between the two without sacrificing the authenticity of either.

Dubai Font has been officially adopted and is used by businesses, newspapers, government institutions and citizens, and its story and launch was discussed worldwide.

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  • Microsoft word document showcasing the Font Library menu and highlighting the Dubai font
    DF board-02[4].jpg: The drop-down menu of font libraries became a medium to spread the Dubai font globally.
  • Signage in front of Dubai skyline with the hashtag #ExpressYou.
    Large sign reading ‘#EXPRESSYOU’ in the Dubai font in front of a city scape in Dubai
  • Collage of Dubai font showing what the font looks like in multiple alphabets
    Dubai Font is the typographic voice of the city and its people, bearing values like Harmony and Innovation.