When Uber Eats entered the packed German market in 2022, smartphones were already full of colorful delivery apps. To still find a way into the hearts and stomachs of Germans, a deeper connection to the local eater needed to be established.

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No matter what life throws at you, you can always eat – Erstmal Essen (gotta eat first). A simple German saying became a cross-category message that celebrated food as a solution in all situations. 

Underground rapper "Dilla" delivered the core piece: a hymn to the universal power of food - "Erstmal Essen". With a music video, the song went viral.

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  • #4 on Spotify playlist "German Hip Hop Underground"
  • #5 on Spotify playlist "German Hip Hop New"
  • 21% increase in awareness
  • 44% Sales Growth (in campaign cities during campaign duration)
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