Edgars: Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Edgars is a 90-year-old fashion and beauty department store in South Africa, that had completely lost relevance with a contemporary African audience. In 2018 Edgars was on the brink of closing– putting 140 000 jobs at risk. – potentially the largest retail disaster in South African history. We needed to re-connect Edgars to culture and reimagine the entire brand.

  • Don't Tell Me What To Do!

But how do you connect a brand to culture in a country as diverse as South Africa? A country with 11 official languages, that is going through a creative and cultural renaissance We created: “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO” - An African musical that became an anthem for self-expression, bringing together over 30 African personalities to reconnect Edgars to culture.

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This cultural collaboration created branded films, social content, original music, a fashion collection and a total re-brand and re-design of the 90-year-old store.
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Cannes Recognition • VMLY&R South Africa

1 Bronze: Entertainment

2 Shortlists: Entertainment, Brand Experience & Activation

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  • 133 Million Media Impressions
  • 3,8 Million Earned Media
  • 533% Increase in Brand Sentiment