Emergency Route

  • Graphic of ambulance communicating to billboard through an app.
Today’s world asks much more of brands. The app is not only providing the best service, but it is providing solutions, through technology, to better people’s lives.

JCDecaux is the #1 OOH company in the world, with thousands of advertising faces in every major city.

One of those cities, São Paulo, had to deal with a recurring problem: ambulance delay on peak hours, thanks to six million vehicles and 200km of daily traffic. Through its digital billboards and technology, JCDecaux saw an opportunity to help. 

Emergency Route is an app that connects the GPS of ambulances to JCDecaux’s digital billboards using GSM bands, to warn drivers ahead of time to keep the path clear.

It works through three easy steps. First, the rescue team sets the route on the app. Then, using real-time data, the app crosses information and alerts the billboards along the way.  When the ambulance is near, the message on the billboard reads “leave the left lane free, an ambulance will come through this route."

The project was implemented with three ambulance companies, starting with billboards on major avenues. In less than a week, our message aired more than 2,000 times, with rescue teams avoiding 4 km of traffic per attendance, on average. A staggering 87% of emergency professionals that used the app felt it was an efficient and empowering solution.

And that’s still just the beginning. Emergency Route is being developed, improved and expanded.

  • Emergency app being used on a cellphone.
  • Billboard with emergency message.