Triggering a wave of inclusivity across the Arabic-speaking world

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The Arabic language contains pronouns that refer to both women and men. But brands and government entities across the Middle East often go the easy route and use the masculine form to address everyone.

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Twitter is the place where important conversations happen, change is triggered and voices are empowered, so we saw an opportunity to change the narrative: by introducing the world's first feminine Arabic language option on Twitter — a permanent addition to Twitter's backend.

This permanent addition to Twitter's backend was coupled with the #FeminineArabic campaign, inviting brands to speak more inclusively and use the feminine form of Arabic to address their female audiences.

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  • Trending topic in UAE, Egypt, and KSA
  • 18 million+ views on launch day
  • 140+ media outlets covering the campaign
  • +23% brand partnership increase
  • 50+ region's leading brands committed to inclusive language
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