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How the world gets from A to B is changing. So how do you take a car company and shift it from selling just vehicles to selling the entire concept of transportation?

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The FordPass platform reimagines the relationship between automaker and consumer by continually engaging people with the Ford brand, even for those who own other vehicles or no vehicle at all. Consumer insight showed us they believe every time they interact with a product, they’re interacting with a brand. So even though Ford didn’t believe they were interacting with consumers, every time a Mustang lived up to expectations or failed, Ford got the credit or criticism. Additionally, Ford customers spend more than 900 hours per year with their vehicles, but they rarely interact with the brand itself. Through FordPass, we’re able to engage with consumers at every point of the connected consumer experience, a key agency differentiator. 

The 360-degree engagement platform transforms Ford’s consumer experience and enables new mobility solutions where Ford’s consumers feel respected and in control. From starting your car to finding and reserving parking or even reserving a bike, FordPass is a go-to source for all things mobility. And when you need help, FordGuides are just a chat or phone call away. 

To complement the FordPass app, we then created a physical storefront called FordHub in one of the biggest cities reliant on various modes of transportation, New York. At FordHub, commuters can get real-time transportation information from bike availability to train times and delays. Visitors can also see visualizations of transportation of the future and have a chance to interact with FordPass itself.

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  • More than 1.4 million people have become FordPass users
  • 80 percent of members have engaged with FordGuides — Ford’s mobility experts
  • FordPass email engagement rates are three times the auto industry average
  • FordPass was featured in Mashable, The New York Times and Adweek, among others
  • Apple said the FordPass app is “Setting the bar for Automotive OEM Apps”
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