Training on breakthrough cancer pain is an extensive, highly technical and dense type of training. We needed to turn that training into something extremely interactive, fast and powerful, constructing a world and a decontextualised story around it. And we did so by linking peaks in pain levels with the highest peaks on earth: the Himalayas, where knowing how to descend is essential, and even more complicated than the ascent.

Our strategy was based entirely on gamification. Everything had to evoke the primitive aspects of the Himalayas, from the challenges to the sounds, to the Sherpa who guided us to the oxygen to be obtained in each challenge. It was essential to dress everything up in such a way that the training course ceased to be something boring and became a mission, an adventure.

Twenty-five training sessions were organised in cities across Spain with different medical specialists. To make the sessions different, attractive and memorable for the attendees, we developed a game and a bespoke platform that the participants could access before the meeting to consult information about BTcP and on the day of the meeting, to access the game to begin the descent. The challenge in each stage was to answer the questions correctly in the allotted time, navigating the obstacles posed by the mountain in each stage of the descent.

The professionals also had a physical guide in which the Sherpa, our game presenter, introduced them to this journey.



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