How To Stop A Mate Drink Driving

A situation often caused by peer pressure, can now also be prevented with a little inspiration from the movie 'Ghost'! We invited the young men of the UK to 'Ghost your friends' by reminding them in an awkwardly humorous way that mates don't let mates drink and drive. 

  • Three young men are at a bar. One man has his hands wrapped around the other’s shoulders appearing to take his hands off his beer glass.
In the UK, drunk driving still causes four deaths every week, and thousands more are seriously injured.

Previous UK road safety campaigns have focused on the dire consequences of drinking and driving, but the prevailing ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude of this audience, particularly young men, has meant such tactics have had increasingly less impact in recent years.

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With peer dynamics being a central influence on their decision-making over whether to drink and drive or not, VMLY&R London saw an opportunity to influence behaviors among peers on a night out. Beery-eyed instigators are turned into in-the-moment enforcers of better behavior, because mates don’t let mates drink and drive.

Taking inspiration from the infamous pottery scene in the movie Ghost, friends jump to cradle their mates with the same love and affection — but in this case to take their drink away. Brands and influencers also provided support for the “Mates Don’t Let Mates Drink Drive” campaign. Kiss FM offered up their talent, Budweiser ran a joint campaign, and LadBible and Unilad created funny content showing mates intervening, all in support of the cause, #MatesMatter.

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  • Close up of a pair of hands wrapped around a glass of beer at a bar, keys next to it. A second pair of hands are wrapped about the first set.
    To get the 'it won't happen to me audience' to listen, we turned peer pressure into a positive.
  • A white car is flipped over, crushed glass and parts litter the darkened street pavement
    Mates don't let mates drink drive. They ghost them.