i Rescue

  • Amblyopia
Helping Kids and Bringing Awareness

Kids around the world struggle with Amblyopia, or lazy eye. It’s treatable, but in disadvantaged communities that lack medical care, lazy eye goes undiagnosed and un-corrected. Without intervention, Amblyopia can lead to learning difficulties and blindness.

Treating Amblyopia isn’t hard, but diagnosing kids who lack access to medical care is a challenge. When the patients can’t go for treatment, treatment must come to the patients. We needed a tool that was inexpensive to produce, easy to distribute, and most importantly, fun to use. The I rescue is a playful, die-cut mask that catches attention in periodicals and waiting rooms, and empowers parents to proactively correct their child’s eyes for free.

I rescue masks intertwine beauty and functionality. They are reversible so that they are equally charming and effective no matter which eye is being worked. Wearing the I rescue becomes a fun diversion from the tedium of the eye exercises required for treatment.

I rescue is proving to be an effective tool for screening, treatment and building awareness for the work of the Worldwide Amblyopia Campaign.

  • Cards used to check children for for Amblyopia.
  • Amblyopia cards used for checking children.