In Saudi Arabia, Coca-Cola’s competitors arrived first. They were first in the market and first in media spend. But there is a place Coca-Cola has owned for centuries, movies and TV shows.

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From a wall sign in the background to a bottle on the table, we turned over 100 years of product placement into an interactive, shoppable experience. I See Coke is a built-in Alexa skill that puts Coca-Cola on viewers' lips every time it pops up on the screen. To execute, we cataloged thousands of hours of content. Using machine learning, we identified hundreds of Coca-Cola placements and created customized replies with an offer for every single appearance. I See Coke was launched nationwide and automatically added to Alexa devices in Arabic and English, no download or activation is required.

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  • +234% Brand Awareness
  • 96% Offer Redemption
  • Most Mentioned Brand to Alexa
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