Influencing the Relaunch of Spicy Nuggets


The Wendy’s team tackled an entertaining challenge – relaunching Spicy Nuggets. Wendy’s removed the food item from its restaurants in 2017. Ever since, fans tweeted asking the brand to bring them back. We needed to establish consumer urgency and demand for them.


In early May, celebrity entertainer Chance the Rapper - with no provocation from Wendy’s - tweeted of his own accord a daily affirmation asking for the return of Spicy Nuggets. We knew it was time to act — a celebrity had given us the opportunity we needed to tease Spicy Nuggets' relaunch. We replied on Twitter to Chance and the public with a challenge: get 2M likes on our tweet, and we would bring Spicy Nuggets back. Twitter users beat our ask within 36 hours. Media coverage spread, generating mainstream awareness. As we locked down details about Spicy Nuggets’ return, we doled them out on Twitter and Instagram to stoke excitement.


On Aug. 12, the time had come. Spicy Nuggets were back. And people were ready — driving sales and engagement that earned the brand 2.8M likes on its challenge tweet to bring back Spicy Nuggets, becoming the most liked tweet by a brand, ever.


  • Bronze at ANA REGGIE Awards
  • Silver and bronze at New York Festivals AME Awards