• Legopress poster of a knight. Tame the brick-tacular Dragon Coaster. Legoland, Florida Resort.
  • Legopress poster of a surfer girl. Make a splash at the only water park built for kids. Legoland, Florida Resort.

LEGOLAND Florida is full of fun, creativity and color. But most importantly, it's the only park built for kids to take the lead. So how do we capture this spirit to promote its attractions, while crafting something only LEGOLAND could do?

Letterpress meets LEGO bricks

Combining the imagination of our super fans, paint, 7,897 LEGO bricks and antique letterpress machines, we hand-printed the first-ever campaign using LEGO bricks as moveable types. Every detail, imperfection and texture was captured to create a one-of-a-kind series of posters, newspaper inserts and works of art.