Love Story

150 million fake profiles live on social media. Young and vulnerable social media users may be unaware of the potential dangers that come with interacting on these platforms, so we helped Movistar start the conversation. 

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A love story and a twist ending reminds us not everything is as it seems.

Movistar’s Love Story captures the sweet tale of boy meets girl, a modern story of young love through social media. But not everything is as it seems.

A leading telecommunications company in Mexico and Latin America, Movistar wanted to send a message as part of its CSR efforts - Movistar Conscience - aimed at promoting secure and responsible use of telecommunications and social networks, particularly for young and vulnerable users. The work was launched during National Children’s month to warn against the risks of fake profiles on social media.

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In just two weeks, viewers watched over 97 million minutes of Love Story.

Beautifully shot and powerfully delivered, the work received organic coverage from major Mexican and international news networks, publications, and advertising trades. Within just two weeks, the work garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube and 7 million views on Facebook page. Stunned viewers liked the work 85,000 times and left more than 19,000 comments. But the most important achievement was the conversation generated on an important issue.

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    150 million fake profiles live on social media, does your child know who they're really talking to?
  • A young Latina girl is smiling as she texts on her phone, now in a white t-shirt, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail.
    Movistar Conscience created a chilling love story to remind viewers of the need to safely, and responsibly use telecommunications and social networks.