Monica's House

Eminent neurologists come from all across Europe to attend the annual international MS Experts Summit event. Because there were no new publications on new evidence relevant to Sativex® to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, we needed to present the results known so far in a different, attractive and captivating format. We decided to create a game, with Monica – the star of its international campaign – playing the leading role. We managed to convey the product messages through a game that invited doctors to interact and find out more details about Monica’s life.

The main objective of the game consisted of evidencing patients’ improved quality of life. To get their attention and inspire empathy in the users of the game, the setting is a house, Monica’s house. Through actions in the game, everyday actions as simple as climbing the stairs, holding a cup, holding the urge to urinate... worked on different aspects of spasticity.

Users could observe the clear improvement in the quality of life of patients with MS being treated with Sativex® and the published data were represented visually.

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