After working with the disabled for his whole life, Josef Suchár believed it was time to transform the perception of  the disabled in the Czech Republic. They just needed someone to give them a chance. Erste Bank created that opportunity by transforming abandoned ruins into an equal opportunity village that's now supported by those who call it home.

  • A woman in a blue apron and glasses intently paints a piece of pottery on a wheel, other cups and brushes on the table

And things aren’t much different almost 30 years later. Erste Bank, the oldest and largest Czech bank, decided it was time for a change.

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Inclusion is a place you can visit when you come to Neratov.

In order to turn the abandoned village of Neratov into a flourishing, self-sufficient community with equal opportunities for all, Erste Bank created a campaign as inclusive as the village itself. Our Prague office launched an integrated campaign developed together with the people of Neratov, transforming the village into one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic and changing the perception of disability.

The campaign reached nearly 8 million viewers, drove a +65% increase in tourism to Neratov and stimulated more than $9M CZK in income growth.

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  • Two adult disabled men sit on a floor with a woman, playing a card game, they are smiling, and one of the men kisses her cheek.
    With +9 million CZK in Neratov income growth, the village is now self-sufficient, with it's own school, workshop, agriculture, brewery, and unique church.
  • Men, women, and children hold hands in a circle playing a game outside in front of a building and statue
    Neratov has seen a +65% increase in tourism growth.